Fiduciary Governance

Dopkins Wealth Management works with plan fiduciaries to help ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.  These include:

  • A comprehensive fiduciary assessment of current plan
  • Signing on as a co-fiduciary to the plan
  • Assist in achieving §404(c) compliance
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement for the plan
  • Comprehensive employee education and communication programs
  • Periodic investment performance and service provider reviews
  • Quarterly fiduciary investment reviews, with due diligence reporting

Dopkins is committed to working with our clients to help ensure fiduciary compliance. But just what is a plan fiduciary, trustee or functional fiduciary? Watch our video series

Strategies to protect yourself as a retirement plan fiduciary / trustee

Retirement Plan fiduciary/trustee responsibilities, risks and breaches

Who is a retirement fiduciary/trustee and what does that mean?

We understand that many of today’s headlines involve breaches of these duties and we take our role as advisor to encompass more than just the investment menu, but to the entire retirement program.

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