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When you meet with a Dopkins Wealth Management advisor, prepare for something different.   If you’ve searched out and met financial advisors in the past, a typical meeting probably goes like this:  They ask you how much money you have, they tell you about the markets, their investment plans for your money and their firm’s stability.  The meeting goes well; the people are nice and appear very knowledgeable regarding investments.   As the meeting breaks up, in the back of your mind, you hope that this time you have it right.

At Dopkins Wealth Management, we want to have a conversation, in which you do most of the talking.   What do you value most in life, who are your most important relationships, what are your goals both personally and professionally, what are your dreams for you and your family, and what is important about money to you?   When you are ready, we will talk about who we are, our investment philosophy, and the years of knowledge behind what we do.  However, it is most important we start with you first because managing wealth is not about picking stocks, it is about you and what is most important in your life.   This is why we start with discovery, asking questions and listening to your answers.   After which, we will follow up with you offering solutions targeted to the financial goals and complexities in your life.

Looking for a better investment experience? Here’s 10 ways you can help yourself achieve your long term investment goals.

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