Fixed Income Services

The academically based philosophy at Dopkins Wealth aligns well with high net worth and institutional clients looking for a fixed income solution that concentrates on principal preservation. Our fixed income services are designed to do just that.

True Customization Based Upon a Client’s Unique Circumstances

  • Perform a thorough discovery process to uncover your total needs and objectives to create a written fixed income investment policy
  • Maximize after-tax returns within a client’s risk tolerances
  • Harvest tax losses year-round.

Our Interests Are Aligned With You

  • Obtain bonds from the competitive market, not from a selection of bonds held in inventory
  • Receive best execution by leveraging our large trading volumes
  • Find transparency in an opaque market with one management fee and no additional fees (no advisor commissions or bond markups) for our in-house fixed income expertise solely on fixed income.

Quality Advice Based Upon an Academically Based Philosophy

  • Maintain high credit quality
  • Emphasize return of principal versus maximizing return on principal
  • Consider only proven, low-default sectors (tax-exempt)
  • Capture higher expected returns through maturity extension when warranted

Flexible Instrument Implementation

  • Employ taxable, tax-exempt and inflation-protected securities
  • Use individual bonds and mutual funds



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