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Dopkins Wealth Management, LLC (DWM, Dopkins Wealth) is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA)  and consulting firm that specializes in providing wealth management services by incorporating tax planning, business succession planning, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer into our investment strategies and fiduciary-based solutions.

Whether it’s an individual, institutional investor, Corporate 401k plan, foundation or endowment, our clients benefit from our use of an investment strategy grounded in academic research that focuses on long-term success. The key to our client’s success is our ability to understand their unique financial goals and needs, and integrate that with their need, ability, and willingness to take risk to formulate a long-term plan for financial security and prosperity.

Dopkins Wealth is a separate entity from Dopkins & Company, LLP, which serves individuals, trusts, businesses, and employee benefit plans. Our objective is to help clients structure globally diversified portfolios and to add value through innovative portfolio construction and periodic rebalancing. Using the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, we connect the academic side of economic science to the practical world of investment management. Our clients benefit from this structured approach through broader diversification, lower costs, and tax sensitivity.

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