Webinar: Election 2020 and your Portfolio 10.28.20

You don’t have to spend too much time scanning headlines to know that everyone has an opinion on what the outcome of the impending election will mean for the financial markets and the global economy going forward. But how do you separate fact from noise? Just days before the election, join us for an evening with Greg Valliere, who for more than 40 years has analyzed how Congress and the White House shape fiscal policies and what that means for you and your portfolio. Valliere, now the chief U.S. policy Strategist with Canadian asset-manager ASG, is known for cutting through the rhetoric to offer non-partisan, evidenced-based observations on the role politics plays in our financial plans.  Greg’s talk will help us all gain perspective in the crazy final days leading up to the election.

8:00 PM EST


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GREG VALLIERE Chief U.S. policy strategist at ASG Greg Valliere has followed Washington for investors for the past 40 years. Greg specializes in coverage of economic issues, taxes, the Federal Reserve and-of course-politics. He has held numerous positions, including director of research at the Charles Schwab Washington Research Group. Greg currently is the chief U.S. policy strategist at AGF Investments (AGF), a global asset management firm with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Greg is a frequent guest on CNN, Fox Business TV, Bloomberg radio and TV, and CBS Radio News. He is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and the Washington Post. A graduate of George Washington University, Greg and his wife Mary live in the Watergate in downtown Washington.

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