Working with Dopkins Wealth is Different

You don’t need to watch the daily market report or fret over expert forecasts. You have a plan tailored to your goals. Yes, working with Dopkins is different. How? Click the link or the image below to watch our video as we articulate what the Dopkins Difference means to us and for you.


Perspectives on Market Volatility

In the market these days, it seems what goes up must come down — and then go up and then down again.

Does all this recent volatility worry you? A better understanding of that wiring can give us a clear decision-making framework to help us know if and when to get out of the market. Click the link or the image below to view our brief video


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  Fund Performance V. Benchmarks March 31, 2018  Bond Ladders in a rising rate environment-  

Learning Center

How Have Premiums Performed Following Past Market Declines? Maintaining Discipline & Sticking to the Plan are Vital.

  • May 22nd, 2020

May 22, 2020 – As you may know, Dopkins Wealth Management has published numerous pieces that illustrate the importance of staying invested through difficult times. As hard as it may be, investors who have stayed in their seats have usually been rewarded. Many advisors structure their clients’ portfolios to emphasize smaller market capitalization stocks, deeper…

Market Prices Are Forward Looking While Economic Data Is Backward Looking

  • May 11th, 2020

May 11, 2020 – There is no doubt, we are in unprecedented times. In the past six weeks we have seen a record number of people file for unemployment, oil prices fall to record lows, and US GDP contract by 4.8%.  Yet, what did the stock market do in April amidst all the poor economic…

CARES Act Gives Back: Tax Benefits may be Available for Charitable Donors

  • May 8th, 2020

May 8, 2020 – The global pandemic has resulted in significant financial stress for many individuals and consequently this has caused a financial strain for charities that serve those in need. Many have suffered from the economic impact of the virus, but there are still many individuals that feel a need to help by making…

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